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Style-N-Textile is a Wholesaler, Importer, Manufacturer and Distributor of Men's and Ladies Woven Shirts, Sweat Top & Bottoms, Fleece Hooded Jackets, T-Shirts, Boxer Shorts, Sport Socks, Bed Sheets and Towels. We have been manufacturing these items for over twenty five years, our facilities are well managed and our products undergo strict quality control. We have no commissioned sales person or brokers that allow us to offer our customers great prices and impeccable service.

We offer special programs in our styles or buyer's style(s) with their label, specs, colors,packing etc. Regardless of the program size, we employ full control over production and quality, All trims, fabrics, color swatches and pre production garments are pre-approved by the buyer before the actual production is put into effect.

Our customers can buy ex-factory or we do offer complimentary service to our customers if they wish we would arrange to have the goods delivered to their warehouse.We also maintain a warehouse and office in Rahway New Jersey which enables us to provide you accurate and up to date information. Our goal is to provide best landed cost on quality sellable products to our customers.

Our Belief
We are the manufacturer and believe our customers can be benefited by eliminating the middleman and their cost. Our customers will enjoy lower price, higher quality control and better customer service. We complete our orders on time and to your satisfaction. Style-N-Textile stands firm on this belief.
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